Vendors and Sponsors

Thank you for your interest in BTN Show 2024. 

We currently have availability for:

  • Sponsorships – $500-$5000
  • Product Vendor Booths – $50
  • Food Vendor Booths – $75 permit plus 10% of sales

Contracts for each are listed below, please complete all steps to be approved.

Join Our growing network of affiliates

Step 1 – Sign Sponsor Contract

Download Sponsor Contract below, complete, sign and upload below.

Step 2 – Upload Logo & Contract

Step 3 – Payment

Product Vendors

Step 1 – Sign Contract

Download Vendor Contract below, complete, sign and upload below.

Step 2 – Upload Logo & Contract

Step 3 – Payment

Step 1 – County Permit

The fairgrounds where the event is located is a government owned facility requiring a permit application and a $75 fee sent directly to their office. The St Lucie Fairgrounds requires a concession permit for any food vendors. If you already have a permit through the fairground skip to step 2.

and return it with $75 payment to:
SLC Parks Events Mobile Concession Application
Havert L. Fenn Center
2000 Virginia Avenue Ave.
Fort Pierce, Florida 34982

Step 2 – Sign Contract

Step 3 – Upload Logo & Contract

Sponsors and Vendors

Upon Approval: With completed and approved contract application, payment is to be submitted in full. Upon payment in full, any advertising included in vendor or sponsorship package will begin within 7 days.

Sponsors and Vendors commit to full terms and conditions by completing application or submitting payment in full. No refunds for inclement weather, failure to show, emergency cancellations, or reasons other than application rejection.


Release and Discharge: By participating in this event, you release and discharge Pure Vibz, Tint Citi Customz, and all event affiliates from any damages, injuries, losses, judgments, or claims, known or unknown, to your person or property.

Admittance: We reserve the right to refuse admittance or dismiss anyone for unacceptable conduct at our discretion.

Photo Consent: All parties entering this competition agree to allow pictures of themselves and/or their vehicles to be used for Audio Arena’s publicity and advertising.

Booth Fees: All fees must be paid in full before occupying booth space. Possession of an unpaid booth space is considered theft. Rejected applications will have their checks voided.

Stop Payment: Issuing a stop payment, chargeback, reversal, or payment cancellation is considered theft and may lead to legal action to recover fees and costs.

Cancellations and Refunds: Event will be held regardless of weather conditions. No refunds for inclement weather, failure to show, emergency cancellations, or reasons other than application rejection. Contact Bring The Noise for event cancellation info. No refunds within 14 days of the event.

Set-Up: Exhibitors can set up 1-3 hours before the event opens, with specific times provided in advance. Vehicles must be moved promptly. Follow parking restrictions.

Pack-Up: Remove exhibits and structures after the event. No dismantling during operation hours. Vehicles allowed on-site after the last guest leaves. Unremoved items will be considered abandoned, removed at exhibitor’s expense.

Clean-Up: Remove all trash & waste from your booth. Break down boxes and place them near event dumpsters or trash cans. Failure to comply may result in citation and loss of future participation.

Booth Space Assignments: Booth spaces are 10’x10′ unless a food truck. Assigned by Bring The Noise Staff. Maintain clean and professional spaces. Only listed vendors can use the space. Chairs, tables, tents, and other supplies must be provided by vendors.

Character of Exhibits: No objectionable items allowed for sale or display. Prohibited items include weapons, obscene materials, stolen goods, and illegal paraphernalia.

Exclusivity: No exclusive rights granted. Limitation of similar items will be imposed. Only sponsoring companies can request exclusivity. Affected vendors can request rejection and refund.

Conduct: Behave in a safe, courteous, and professional manner. Report issues promptly. Unprofessional conduct may result in expulsion and litigation.

Vending: Sell only within your booth. Do not interfere with neighboring booths. Do not relocate or switch booths without permission. Display signage only at your assigned booth. Amplified sound requires pre-approval and must not disrupt neighbors.

Exhibit Display & Decorations: Use display materials that do not interfere with other exhibits and are not taller than 6 feet at the sides.

Licenses: Maintain compliance with relevant health regulations, codes, licenses, and insurance.

Sales Tax: Collect and report Florida Sales Tax. Responsible for your own tax compliance.

Liability: Pure Vibz, Tint Citi Customz, and all event affiliates are not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury. It’s recommended to carry insurance.

Compliance: Failure to comply with event rules may result in expulsion and future event bans. Cooperation with authorities and compliance with regulations is mandatory.

General: This Agreement is governed by Florida law. Invalid provisions won’t affect the rest of the Agreement.

Enforcement of Rules: Pure Vibz, Tint Citi Customz, and Audio Arena have the sole discretion to enforce rules. Failure to enforce rules does not constitute a breach of contract.

Acknowledgement: By signing, you acknowledge that you’ve read and understand this agreement and agree to its terms. This agreement may affect your rights, and you agree to its broad interpretation as permitted by Florida law. If any part is invalid, the rest remains in effect.